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Professional Tank and Plant Decommissioning Services

We adhere to a stringent, step-by-step process tailored to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Mantank:

Initial Assessment and Site Survey: Our experts conduct a comprehensive site survey, assessing the tank’s condition, contents, and surrounding environment. This phase determines the best course of action, tailored to your specific situation.

Safety Measures and Preparations: We establish secure working conditions, including hazard controls and emergency protocols. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency.

Tank Cleaning and Gas-Free Certification: We meticulously industrially clean the tank, removing all residues. The tank is then certified gas-free by our specialists, ensuring it’s safe for decommissioning.

Decommissioning Methodology: Depending on site assessment, we either undertake physical removal or in-situ decommissioning. For removals, the tank is extracted with precision equipment. For in-situ, we fill the tank with an inert solid material, following environmental best practices.

Site Restoration and Documentation: Post-decommissioning, we conduct environmental testing to ensure the site is contaminant-free. We restore the site to its original state or prepare it for its next intended use. All actions are documented in compliance with legal requirements.


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