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Silt and Sludge Removal Services

Removing and disposing of waste from an industrial site isn’t always easy; not only does the waste usually accumulate into large amounts, but it can be costly to transport it away. However, thanks to sludge dewatering and sludge cleaning, this entire process can be made easier.

Our sludge removal services allow you to cut down on your industrial waste. Though sludge is a unique consistency, solid elements can be separated from those that are liquid. By separating the liquid waste from the solid waste, the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of is immediately reduced. This is because only the solid waste needs removing, as the liquid waste can be reused by the business.

Sludge dewatering is not something that many businesses can take on by themselves, as it requires specialist equipment and tools. Therefore, it’s always advised that you seek out professional dewatering services.

As specialists in dewatering, we also work as dewatering contractors for a large number of projects.

Sludge Dewatering
at Mantank

When you come to Mantank for your sludge dewatering requirements, you’re guaranteed a high-quality service. We start by inspecting the site and the sludge in question, taking a sample with us for testing. Once we are one hundred percent sure that the waste can be filtered, we’ll get to work on creating a bespoke disposal plan. As no two businesses are the same, we do this to make sure the plan we make is one that fits in well with your requirements and needs. For example, we’ll consider the amount of waste and the type of business. We’ll even consider the best way to do it to ensure minimum disruption to the workplace and its processes.

After we have assessed everything and have a plan in place, we can get started. A dedicated team of Mantank professionals will work tirelessly to complete the sludge dewatering as quickly and efficiently as possible; though we work fast, no corners are cut and the quality of the work is never compromised. Once the sludge dewatering has been completed, you are free to enjoy less waste and reduced waste removal costs.

For more information on sludge dewatering or any of our other dewatering services, get in touch. Contact us today on 0161 799 3337 or 01642 618006 and speak to a dedicated member of the Mantank team. Alternatively, browse our website and get in touch via the online contact form.


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