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Mantank UK provide a safe, economical, practical, environmentally sound and legal answer to waste minimisation and your waste requirements.

Mantank Environmental Services UK is a “Total Waste Management Services” and waste minimisation company providing a complete, integrated and professional range of industrial cleaning and total waste management services.

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About Us Mantank Environmental Services

Founded in 1995, Mantank Environmental Services has established itself as a premier provider of industrial cleaning and environmental waste management solutions. Our journey began with a commitment to serving both large and small companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Over the years, we have expanded our expertise and scope, positioning ourselves as one of the leading Environmental Services companies in the UK.

At Mantank, we pride ourselves on our adherence to the highest standards of quality and safety. As a BS EN ISO 9002 accredited company, we ensure that our clients' legal 'Duty of Care' responsibilities are meticulously met. This is particularly crucial in the sensitive and critical tasks of waste removal and disposal. Our services are comprehensive, covering everything from routine tank cleaning to the management of complex waste materials.

Commercial tank cleaning


Our Core Services

  • Total Waste Management Services: We offer a holistic approach to waste management, ensuring that every aspect of waste handling, from collection to disposal, is conducted with utmost efficiency and environmental responsibility.


  • Hazardous Liquid Waste Management: Specialising in the handling of hazardous liquids, we provide solutions that mitigate environmental impact while adhering to strict safety protocols.


  • Industrial Tank and Vessel Cleaning: We provide specialist industrial tank and vessel cleaning, including working on complex projects where an expert team are required. We also provide offshore tank and vessel cleaning.


  • Industrial Cleaning Solutions: Our range of industrial cleaning services is comprehensive, including tanks and vessel cleaning, interceptor cleaning, drain cleaning, and more.


  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques: We employ state-of-the-art techniques such as water jetting, grit, and pressure blasting, ensuring high-quality cleaning for factories, plants, and industrial facilities.

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