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Problems with drains and pipes can come in all different shapes and sizes, varying hugely in severity and complexity. This means that the CCTV drain surveys we provide will also vary.

After all, a more complex problem is going to require a longer and more in-depth CCTV drain survey. Therefore, it isn’t always easy to give a ‘one size fits all’ cost for the service. It is difficult for us to say how much a CCTV drain survey costs, simply because it’s an extremely bespoke service. As no two drainage systems are the same, no two CCTV drain surveys are the same; this is what determines how much the CCTV drain survey will cost overall.

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Established in 1995 Mantank is a trusted service provider for our clients offering both a dynamic and highly professional service.

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However, what we can say, is that all of our CCTV drain surveys are of a high quality and are professionally done. This means that you really do get your money’s worth. Many people initially assume that a CCTV drain survey is a costly way to solve a problem, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, it can be a cheaper alternative to one of our team members gaining access themselves.

This is because drain surveys are quick and accurate, meaning they are an efficient way of diagnosing the problem; there’s no need to spend a great deal of time locating the issue and working out what’s going on. Instead, we can see everything through the CCTV drain camera.

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As we offer a professional CCTV drain survey, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. There’s no worry of paying for the survey, only to find that we are unable to locate the issue.

Instead, we continue to work until we are able to identify what’s causing the problem and the best way to fix it. If you are faced with a drainage problem, get in touch with Mantank.

CCTV Drain Survey Cost

Thanks to our CCTV drain survey costs, we are the first port of call for many domestic and commercial customers.  To find out more about CCTV drain surveys, contact Mantank. Get in touch and speak to one of the team today.



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