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Industrial hazardous waste disposal

There are very few industrial businesses that create little to no waste and most create a lot of waste that’s deemed to be hazardous.

Though it is relatively easy to handle non-hazardous materials, this isn’t the case for hazardous waste.

Types of waste we are able to remove and dispose

– Toxic waste disposal
– Medical waste disposal
– Commercial hazardous waste
– Paint waste disposal
– Contaminated waste disposal
– Bio hazard waste disposal


Hazardous Waste Management
At Mantank

If you’re in need of hazardous waste management, the Mantank team are on hand to help. With years of experience in the waste management industry, we have developed a professional and experienced hazardous waste management service. We understand that effective waste management is a vital part of running an industrial business, which is why we work hard to make sure all hazardous material is handled with care.

With precision and attention to detail, we can guarantee that all hazardous waste is managed to meet legislative regulations. To find out more about hazardous waste management or for more information on any of our other services, get in touch. Contact the Mantank team today on 0161 799 3337, 01642 618 006 or via the online contact form.


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