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Emergency Response

Mantank can handle it.
Toxic spills, environmental emergency response, contamination, drainage, flood response and industrial cleaning emergency response – Mantank have the emergency response unit.

If you require our emergency response support please contact us immediately on the phone number below.

0161 799 3337 (North West Depot)
01642 618 006 (North East Depot)

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Our emergency response service minimises the impact on the environment. Alongside our rapid deployment and state of the art equipment we protect the public, the environment and your staff members while keeping your brand intact.

We work with local, national companies and the private sector to provide a fast and professional response to any hazardous waste emergency or direct business emergency.

Some of the emergencies that we attend and resolve include:

– Chemical and hazardous waste management
– Motorway spills and accidents
– Environmental and local waterways
– Medical waste
– Harmful residential chemicals such as chlorine and asbestos
– Fire and natural events

We have locations across the UK

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