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Sewer jetters are powerful machines used to clean drains, pipes, and clear obstructions in municipal, residential, and commercial sewer systems. Mantank Environmental Services offers professional sewer jetting and dewatering services.

We also have sewer jetting equipment for growing and established plumbing businesses. Our sewer jetters, also referred to as hydro-jetters or water jetters, are safe and efficient. The Mantank service team is specially trained and highly experienced, ensuring all jobs are done to specification.

Who needs sewer jetters?

Growing plumbing businesses, building maintenance departments, and even drain cleaning companies can make use of sewer jetters. A big majority of hydro-jetter users are plumbers. However, for cost control measures, facilities managers can also purchase sewer jetters and drain cleaning equipment.

Building sanitation is a major concern for government facilities, hospitals, schools, hotels, and resorts. Having the equipment on-hand avoids interference to business operations as a result of clogged sewer drains. It also allows you to set your own maintenance schedule in line with working hours.

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How does a sewer jetter work?

The higher the pressure, the more effective the sewer jetter. A high-pressure hose is wound around a powered reel that enables the operator to draw it in and out. A nozzle directs high pressure water jets in the sewer pipe washing away the obstruction.

High-pressure sewer jetters can have water pressure of 4,000 PSI with up to 18 gallons of water flowing through per minute.

Mantank sewer jetting services

We offer professional water jetting services providing you with cost-effective solutions for deep cleaning a wide range of vessels and surfaces. We also ensure reduced damages and environmentally safe practices.

With the aid of a highly skilled team and ultra-modern equipment, our water jetting services include:

  • Tube bundle cleaning
  • Cold cutting services
  • Internal pipe cleaning
  • Hydrodemolition
  • Robotic tank cleaning

Why choose Mantank Environmental Services Limited?

Before investing in sewer jetting equipment you need to consider factors such as:

  • Oversizing or undersizing: The size of sewer jetter you need is dependent on the drain size and sewer lines you are navigating. Big pipes require larger and longer water jet hoses. Cleaning smaller plumbing systems with monster jetters can cause flooding and destruction. Mantank experts have years of experience and will guide you in choosing the most effective size of sewer jetter for your specific needs.
  • Reliability: Mantank has proven experience with sewer jetting equipment and parts. We also have well equipped service personnel who can take care of your future repair needs.
  • Warranty: We offer clear warranty terms on all our equipment with guaranteed terms of repair and replacement.

Mantank offers you quality sewer jetting equipment, full operator training, and emergency response services

Whether you need a sewer jetter for your plumbing business or one more tool for your building maintenance needs, Mantank has got you covered. We offer a full range of sewer jetters. From small, compact, and easily portable jetters, to larger, more durable trailer jetters that give you all the power you need to tackle sizeable obstructions.

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