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Efficient Offshore Cleaning Services

  • Modern Equipment

Mantank is dedicated to updating and investing in the latest, most efficient cleaning equipment. We also ensure our teams are highly trained in the use of vacuum cleaners, and high-access and high-pressure equipment to prevent injuries and costly accidents.

  • Flexibility

We offer flexible schedules to ensure cleaning operations are carried out at times that are most suitable for your business. Whether you need us to work around shifts or rota sequences, we work efficiently with minimum disruptions to your normal offshore operations.

  • Eco-friendly Techniques

Removing stubborn grime and dirt often requires the use of chemicals. Mantank experts use eco-friendly cleaning products and biodegradable chemicals to ensure our cleaning practises are not harmful to people or the environment.

  • Thorough Approach

Our experienced team of engineers are thorough ensuring we clean even the hard to reach areas that are usually neglected. We have invested in high-access equipment and in-depth training to seamlessly and thoroughly clean all areas in larger, more complex facilities.

Public Sector Waste Management

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