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What is hydro demolition?

Hydro demolition uses the power of ultra-high pressure water to remove or cut concrete. Mantank specialises in the use of semi-automatic equipment which is driven by hydraulics and can be operated remotely.

Hydro demolition is regarded as one of the safest and most efficient methods of removing concrete. The process is vibration-free which leaves all reinforcements and steel structures undamaged and in place.

The Mantank hydro demolition service uses high-pressure water jet equipment. The equipment may require some hand-operation, but this is kept to a minimum to ensure the safety of the operator.

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Why Choose Mantank Hydro Demolition Contractors?

Traditionally, contractors used jack hammers and breakers to remove concrete for repairs. Mantank hydro demolition experts use remotely-operated options. This method has a variety of advantages including:

No damage to adjacent surfaces – Hydro demoltion is vibration-free. As a result there are no damages to adjacent surfaces caused by cracking.

Leaves a good bonding surface – The broken edge left behind by water jetting allows recast concrete to adhere/stick to the surface with no need of additional surface preparation.

Cost effective – Hydro demolition is cost-effective and can be used in a variety of projects. It also allows operators to work complete shifts resulting in reduced operational downtime.

Versatility – Hydro demolition can be used with both hand-lance and robotic operators. This permits access to areas that may be hard to reach for traditional concrete removal methods.

Accuracy – Mantank offers a robotic hydro demolition option which is highly accurate and results in no damage to adjacent surfaces. This high level of accuracy makes hydro demolition the best option where some surfaces may need to be left intact.

Less risk to the operator – Operators using traditional demolition methods may suffer from hand arm vibration syndrome. With hydro-jetting, there is no percussion which keeps the operator safe while increasing their operational hours.

Environmentally-friendly –  Mantank hydro demolition contractors do not cause noise or dust pollution which has a detrimental impact to the environment.

Safe –  Civil engineers recommend hydro demolition as the safest and most efficient solution to concrete removal.

Mantank Hydro Demolition Contractors Health and Safety

For most contractors, health and safety are a primary concern. High-pressure water jetting remains the safest and most environmentally-friendly method of concrete removal.

Mantank is dedicated to the safety of all our operators. Each member of the team is equipped with protective equipment including eye protection, steel-toed boots, hard hats, ear muffs, and metatarsal and shin guards. We also offer body armour in instances where hand lancing hydro demolition may be required.

If you are concerned about water usage, we offer a water usage efficiency of 30%. Our engineers are trained to use an angle that maximises impact while reducing water usage.

Mantank also uses eco-friendly waste water treatment methods. Waste water is removed safely and handled professionally by our team of experienced hydro demolition experts. Read our latest article – Reasons to hire a Hydro Demolition Contractor

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