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Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer lines accumulate debris such as grease, hair, soap, and other solids with years of use. While most can run for years without blockage and clogging, you will have to deal with sewer line cleaning at some point. This is especially likely for homeowners whose drains and toilets are all interconnected to one sewer line.

Sewer line cleaning, though unpleasant, can save you significant amounts of money spent in unclogging and replacing broken pipes. Mantank offers professional sewer line cleaning services and emergency response for contamination and flooding.

Signs of a clogged sewer line

Common signs that indicate your sewer or septic line is clogged or damaged include:

  • Backed-up drains: Water fixtures such as toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs may begin to move slowly, gurgle, and smell. This is because all the faucets drain to the main sewer line. A blockage in the main sewer line will in turn affect all connected drains.
  • Overflow/drainage around sewer clean out: A sewer clean out connects directly to the main sewer line giving direct access to blockages. Sewage draining out of the clean out pipe is a sure indication that you need sewer line cleaning.
  • Sewage on floor drains: A clog in the sewer line will push excess waste water up through the floor drains.
  • Water backing up in sinks and showers and toilet overflow: You might also notice water backing up in the shower as you flush the toilet, or in the sinks as your run the washing machine. This indicates a clog that requires immediate sewer line cleaning services.
  • Smelly wet spots on your lawn: This is indicative of a break in the sewer line.

Turn off all water and fixture valves when you notice these signs to minimise damage caused by leakages.

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Mantank’s Sewer Line Cleaning Services

The first step in sewer line cleaning involves using a drain camera to look into the sewer line. This is especially useful with clogs that are out of reach, or deep beneath the surface. It makes work easier and reduces expensive costs of digging up the sewer line.

Once the cause of the clog is identified, Mantank professionals can advise on the best option for your property.

Common sewer line cleaning solutions include:

Water jetting: Water jetting removes blockages and blasts away all debris for a longer lasting solution. It is also important to clean the entire sewer line to remove developing clogs.

Power snakes: These are common for cutting, loosening and pushing anything that might be clogging the sewer line. Mantank’s professionals use different attachment heads for different types of clogs. This trench-less sewer line cleaning technology is popular with most homeowners because of its cost effectiveness.

Mantank Environmental Services also offers dewatering and waste reduction services for commercial properties. This goes a long way in saving money and conserving the environment by reusing filtered liquids.

Mantank takes care of all your sewer line cleaning needs

Whether you need simple chemical or complex mechanical unclogging, Mantank offers you effective sewer line cleaning solutions. We have modern, sophisticated equipment and highly trained professionals who will take care of all your sewer or fixture clogs, repair, and replacement needs.

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