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As you may know, there are many different types of pipe that are used within drainage systems, each of which has its own unique use. One of the most useful of these pipes is the perforated drainage pipe. A perforated drainage pipe is a fantastic way to direct unwanted water away from the foundations of a building, and it can also be used to prevent flooding in areas where water is likely to build up. A number of businesses use perforated drainage pipes and they are extremely common. However, there are still environments that could benefit from having perforated drainage pipes installed.

Though it is possible to install a perforated drainage pipe yourself, it isn’t something we’d advise. After all, how confident are you in your ability to install a perforated drainage pipe to a professional standard? Failing to install a perforated drainage pipe correctly usually results in it failing to do its job correctly, which can lead to unwanted water build up in a number of areas. This is why it’s best to call in the professionals, such as Mantank.

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A perforated drainage pipe works by allowing water to exit and enter the pipe throughout its length; this is made possible by a number of holes, which are spread out along the pipe. The perforated drainage pipe is then placed underground and it becomes part of the drainage system. However, unlike other parts of the drainage system, the area with the perforated drainage pipe will allow water to drain away. This stops water building up and ruining the foundations of buildings, or building up in gardens and yards.

All of the perforated drainage pipes we use at Mantank are high in quality and able to withstand a great deal of use, which means there’s no worry of them failing after a little bit of general wear and tear. We understand that the perforated drainage pipes we install are likely going to be used in industrial situations, therefore we ensure they are strong enough and extremely durable.

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Help With a Perforated Drainage Pipe
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If you believe your drainage system could benefit from the addition of a perforated drainage pipe or two, you could be right. Many people who notice a gradual build up of water around a specific location notice the problem is significantly reduced after a perforated drainage pipe has been installed. This is where Mantnak comes in. At Mantank, we have a great deal of experience with installing perforated drainage pipes and therefore we are able to do so to a high standard. Whether you need a perforated drainage pipe replacing or you’re looking for more information on whether one is right for your drainage system, we can help. For more information on perforated drainage pipes or any of our other drainage services, get in touch. Contact the Mantank today on 0161 459 4262, 0164 220 5262 or online to speak to a member of the team.

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