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Water jetting services for cutting concrete have become increasingly popular across the UK. More companies now recognise the numerous benefits of ultra-high pressure water jetting concrete cutting including reduced noise and dust pollution.

Mantank offers professional concrete removal services using ultra-modern water jetting equipment. Our operators are extensively trained and are among the top hydro-demolition experts in the country.

Mantank Water Jetting Services for Concrete Cutting

Water jetting uses ultra-high pressure water jets for controlled removal and cutting of concrete. Using this hydro-blasting technique you can safely remove parts of existing buildings without compromising the steel reinforcements.

The vibration-free process ensures the rest of the building is left intact and no damage or impact is made on adjacent structures. Mantank offers affordable, high-quality water jetting concrete cutting services across the country.

Our specialist teams are also trained to use water jetting techniques to expose underlying structures allowing precise repairs and maintenance with minimal damage. Our teams offer both robotic and hand-lancing water jetting services depending on your project requirements.

Why Should You Use Mantank Water Jetting Services for Concrete Cutting

Water jetting is a modern method of concrete removal that offers you many benefits over traditional methods. The method is not only efficient and eco-friendly, but it also offers safety for the workers in the building. Other benefits of water jetting include:

  • No vibration

Traditional concrete cutting methods produce a lot of vibration. Water jetting eliminates vibration resulting in increased accuracy and safety. The reduced vibration also helps with noise reduction allowing your project to continue during normal hours.

  • Reduced Damage to Adjacent Surfaces and Supporting Structures

Using water jetting techniques removes concrete only on the desired surfaces. This preserves the integrity of the adjacent steel reinforcement structures. The technique also cleans the steel structures improving efficiency.

In addition, water jetting cleans the adjacent concrete surfaces while leaving them intact throughout the cutting process.

  • Excellent Working Surface

Water jetting results in clean, clear cut surfaces that are excellent for new applications including bonding.

  • Cost and Time Effective

Compared to other concrete cutting techniques, water jetting saves you time and money. Our water jetting experts offer efficient services that result in reduced operational downtime resulting in further economical benefits.

This technique is also faster compared to traditional alternatives.

  • Eco-friendly

Water jetting does not produce dust or noise which is good for the environment. Hydrodemolition is safe and efficient and is highly recommended by civil engineers around the country.

Mantank Water Jetting Services for Concrete Cutting

Compared to other alternatives, water jetting is an accurate and efficient method of concrete cutting. This method is perfect for you if you need to remove certain sections of existing structures without negatively impacting the structural or operational integrity of adjacent areas.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our water jetting services. Simply fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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