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In the face of escalating environmental challenges, including climate change and rapid urbanisation, the need for sustainable urban drainage solutions has never been more critical. As a leading provider of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) throughout the UK, our company is at the forefront of the SuDS scheme revolution, offering innovative solutions that not only mitigate the risk of flooding but also enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and contribute to the creation of more sustainable communities.

The Suds scheme represents a shift in water management, moving away from traditional drainage methods that rely on directing stormwater runoff directly into sewers and watercourses. Instead, SuDS mimic natural processes, absorbing and managing rainwater where it falls. By doing so, the Suds scheme plays a pivotal role in reducing surface water flooding, controlling flow rates, and filtering pollutants, thereby protecting our waterways and ecosystems.

Our commitment to the Suds scheme is driven by the understanding that effective water management is integral to sustainable development. The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 underscores the importance of SuDS, setting national standards for their design, construction, maintenance, and operation. This legislative framework not only highlights the necessity of SuDS but also ensures their integration into urban planning and development projects across the UK.

Sustainable Drainage Explained

At the heart of the Suds scheme is the concept of the management train, a series of techniques designed to control the flow of water and remove contaminants. This includes source control methods, such as green roofs and rainwater harvesting systems, which intercept runoff at its origin. Pre-treatment steps, like vegetated swales and filter trenches, then remove pollutants before the water is either reused, stored, or allowed to infiltrate into the ground. Retention systems and infiltration techniques further slow down the flow, allowing water to be absorbed naturally into the earth, replenishing groundwater supplies and preventing downstream flooding.

Our expertise in the Suds scheme extends beyond the installation of these systems. We understand the critical role of the underlying geology in determining the suitability of different SuDS techniques. The British Geological Survey’s (BGS) work, particularly the establishment of the SuDS Observatory, has been instrumental in demonstrating how SuDS can effectively manage water in urban areas, enhancing groundwater recharge and reducing pollution migration. This knowledge informs our approach to designing and implementing SuDS, ensuring they are both effective and sustainable.

We also provide comprehensive support to developers and urban planners, leveraging resources like the Infiltration SuDS map and the Infiltration SuDS GeoReport. These tools, developed in partnership with leading geological experts, offer invaluable insights into the subsurface conditions, guiding the selection and design of SuDS solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each site.

Speak to our team about the SuDS Scheme

As we continue to expand our Suds scheme offerings across the UK, our mission remains clear: to deliver sustainable drainage solutions that not only address today’s environmental challenges but also pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable future. Through collaboration, innovation, and a deep commitment to sustainability, we are helping to transform the landscape of urban water management.

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suds pond

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