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Drain inspection services are highly sought after by a range of different clients. From new homeowners through to local councils and governments, CCTV drain surveys can be used in a whole host of environments.

At Mantank Environmental Services, we provide commercial drainage services and so, are advocates for the importance of drain inspection services. However, we have also been asked by many of clients for the pros and cons of undergoing an inspection, especially when time is short, and an emergency drainage problem needs to be dealt with.

Disadvantages of Drain Inspection

In particular scenarios, having a drain inspection may seem like an additional step which takes more time and costs more money. For example, if there is a problem within a drainage network which is causing waste to spill and contaminate the wider environment, having a drainage survey carried out may seem like a waste of time.

CCTV drain surveys also require a specialist team to work on the project, which doesn’t come without a cost. This expense may be something that puts people off commissioning a drainage survey.

Advantages of a Drain Inspection

Although a drain inspection may seem like an additional step which doesn’t need to be carried out, it is extremely beneficial in finding the direct route of the problem. Often, we work with clients who have experienced ongoing drainage problems, which have been fixed by previous providers. However, without finding out the actual cause of the problem, issues will keep occurring.

Drain inspections take pictures of the drainage network so our specialists can identify any problems deep within the system. We can then use this to create a bespoke action plan to resolve the issue.

Although in some circumstances drain surveys may seem like an additional step, they are worth the investment to find the exact problem and therefore saves both time and money in the long run. We have worked on many drain inspection projects where finding the direct cause of the problem (and any other issues within the network) has helped our customers to resolve an ongoing problem.

There are a huge list of advantages of drain inspections, many of which lead back to the same ideas of saving time and money – which is essential for any business.

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