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Fatbergs are continuously being discussed on the news, with new discoveries being made within drainage networks throughout the UK.

A fatberg is simply a mass of fats, oils and grease along with objects that are regularly flushed down drains including sanitary items, condoms, cotton buds and wipes. Overtime these products build-up to create a large blockage that is referred to as a Fatberg.

Eventually those that use the drainage system surrounding the fatberg will experience issues within their homes and businesses – something that can be detrimental to those within the immediate and further areas.

Fortunately, these blockages can be easily avoided. So, what steps should everyone be taking to prevent the build-up of fatbergs within our drainage systems?

Steps to take to prevent fatbergs

There are several simple changes that you can make within your household or company to ensure that you aren’t contributing to the build-up of fatbergs within your sewer networks.

Don’t flush wet wipes

Wet wipes are one of the biggest factors of fatbergs, in fact even flushable wipes haven’t been deemed to pass the water industry’s disintegration tests. We recommend not flushing any type of wipe, even though they do flush they pack together and create blockages.

Keep oil and fat out of your drain

Though it may seem like an easy option to pour excess oil and fat down the kitchen sink – this also a key factor in the creation of fatbergs. This liquid turns into a solid mass once it has cooled, if each office/home is doing this the build up is massive and contributes to the mass of a fatberg.

Don’t flush toiletry products

Sanitary products, condoms and cotton buds shouldn’t be flushed into the drainage network. These products end up as part of a fatberg and can make the fatberg’s growth accelerate. Be sure to throw these products in the bin rather than into the drainage system.

Speak to experts

If there have been fatbergs found within your local area and you would like to know more about removal and how you can prevent further blockages from occurring, it is advisable to speak to specialists. Our team at Mantank Environmental Services are well-versed in drainage networks.

Make sure your neighbours are doing the same!

Advising your neighbours and local community on the things you are doing to reduce your contribution to the creation of fatbergs. The more people that take action to prevent blockages the less likely they are to occur.

Having drainage issues? Get in touch

If you are experiencing commercial drainage issues, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. We have years of industry knowledge which positions our team as leading providers of drainage unblocking and cleaning.

We utilise the latest technologies to identify issues within the network and provide cost-effective and time-efficient solutions.

To speak to a member of our team simply fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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