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As members of the Water Jetting Association, we often utilise high pressure drain jetting to clear blockages and generally maintain drainage networks to ensure everything is running as it should be.

Jetting is a fantastic technique to cost-effectively remove any issues within a drainage network and a service that we are often carrying out throughout the UK.

As the jets are extremely powerful they can solve most problems within a short timeframe, making drain jetting a reliable and effective drain unblocking solution.

Some frequently asked questions about drain jetting

How environmentally friendly is it?

Everything that we do at Mantank is environmentally conscious. The machinery that we use to carry out high pressure water jetting continually recycles dirty water, so we aren’t having to fill the unit with fresh water throughout the works.

This is a much more environmentally friendly way of carrying out drain jetting and ensures that there is minimal waste water.

Is drain jetting effective for large blockages within a drain network?

Yes, it is extremely effective for blockages within the wider drainage system. As our kit utilises pressures from 500 Bar, we are able to use drain jetting to clear blockages of varying sizes within drainage systems.

Water jetting can handle a number of blockage types too, from simple build up on the side of the pipes, through to tree root growth – it is a very versatile service.

Is high power water jetting safe?

Although we are using extremely high-power water jets, drain jetting is safe. As our team are trained on how to safely use the equipment they are able to carry out safe and effective drain jetting for our clients.

Will it solve my problem?

As discussed throughout this article, drain jetting is a brilliant service that resolves even the most complex drain blockages. That being said, we would need to look into your own specific drain issue prior to saying that this would be the best solution for you.

Our team are experienced in all things drainage, therefore if drain jetting wasn’t the best solution, we would be able to make a recommendation for another service that would resolve your drainage problem, so there’s no need to worry.

Our drain jetting services

If you would like to know more about the drain jetting services that we offer at Mantank, do not hesitate to get in touch. With over 20 years of experience and investment in high quality kit, we like to think we offer an unmatched service.

Simply fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, or if you’d prefer to speak to our team call our Manchester depot on 0161 799 3337 or our North East team can be reached on 01642 618 006.

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"I just to want say what a pleasure it was working with Man Tank again, both the person I met on Monday and the one I met on Tuesday had a good grasp of the required work and were curious and easy to work with which is always helpful and makes the job run smoother."
Just a quick thank you, for the way your team have conducted themselves here at North Kenton Flats for Keepmoat Regeneration. Your team have been professional, approachable and helpful at all times. Please pass on our thanks to the guys. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Mark Rutledge
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