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As we have been working within the drainage industry for over 20 years, we’ve seen it all! From false teeth to goldfish – you’d be surprised what people put down their sinks and toilets.

We are also often asked about the best ways to avoid a drain blockage, are there key things not to put down the drain? A miracle product you can use to prevent blockages?

Well, there isn’t a miracle cure as sometimes small blockages are unavoidable however there are some key things that we’d recommend never to put down your drain.

8 things not to put down your drain

The top 8 things you shouldn’t put down your drain:

1. Fats or oils

2. Food scraps

3. Dairy products

4. Feminine hygiene products

5. Any medication

6. Paper towels

7. Rubbish of any type

8. Stickers or labels from food products

These are the most common items that we see within the drainage network when asked to look at a drain blockage.

As shown from the list, main reason we see drain blockages is due to greasy foods being put down the kitchen drain, these build up over time and create blockage that then requires attention from a drain expert.

However, the other items listed also contribute to a large number of drain network blockages, so we would advise to avoid flushing or pouring any of them down the drain for the best chances of avoiding a blockage!

What to do when you are experiencing a drain blockage

If it’s too late and you are already experiencing a drain blockage it is important to take the correct steps to resolve it, considering aspects such as where the blockage appears to be – whether it is within the wider drainage network or your own drainage pipes.

If you are experiencing a blockage you may:

  • Find it difficult to flush your toilet
  • Have a slow emptying bath or sink
  • Have a bad smell coming from your drains

For a minor blockage within your own network a supermarket drain unblocker should do the trick however if the issue is within the larger network this is something that needs to be dealt with by professionals.

Speak to our drain blockage team

If you would like some more information on our drain blockage service and how we can assist you with our specialist drainage knowledge do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information simply fill in the contact us form on our website or email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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